Thursday, October 4, 2007

St. Peter, Alvada

Absolutely magnificent, and almost perfectly preserved. The congregation deserves our gratitude.
One of the finest confessionals in the area, and I'm pleased to hear it's still there. Take a good look at the carving. The font looks interesting, too.
The Stations would be worthy of a full series of posts. I'm also curious about those roundels near the ceiling.
All three churches in this parish are gems. I can't find words to express how much we all owe the congregations for doing such a good job.
These pictures, from 1979, along with those of St. Patrick, Bascom and some of All Saints, New Riegel that will be posted later, are from the collection of Norwalk historian Mike Doughty. He passed them on to Alex Fries for posting. That's a good idea and I thank him. It's good to have them available to anyone who has access to a computer.

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Jeffrey Smith said...

In my book, and compared to a lot I've seen, that IS perfectly preserved. All important parts intact.