Monday, October 1, 2007

Eponymous Saints

I've noticed that a lot of the parishes in the area are named in honor of fairly obscure saints. Of course, nowadays people are doing well if they know Philip from Bartholemew, much less Walburga from Wandrille, but let it pass.
Just for fun, I'm going to do a series of posts on them.
We'll start with St. Hyacinth of Krakow, who lived from 1185 to 1257. He was a friend of St. Dominic and one of the first members of the Dominican Order, which he brought home to Poland. Didn't stay put, though. The man seems to have done missionary work and preaching over half Europe.
St. Hyacinth is often shown holding a statue and a crucifix, due to the fact that he saved them when a monastery was under attack, even though the statue was much heavier than he should have been able to manage.
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St. Hyacinth Parish is on Parkside, in West Toledo.

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