Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rev. Frederick Houck

Rev. Fredrick Houck served as pastor of Toledo St. Ann’s (now St. Martin de Porres) for 37 years, beginning in 1914, and guided construction of the church. He was also known as an author, writing books such as “Fountains of Joy, or By Water and Blood,” “Palace Beautiful, or the Spiritual Temple of God,” “Our Palace Wonderful; or Man’s Place in Visible Creation,” “Our Friends and Foes, or, the Angels, Good and Bad,” and “The Life of St. Gerlach.” (He must have been fond of subtitles.)

Here is a poem from “Fountains of Joy,” with a local flavor:


Kevin Hammer said...

His obituary info says he was born in Tiffin in 1866, so there might be a connection. There was also a Rev. George Houck, native of Tiffin, who was chancellor of the diocese of Cleveland in the late 1800s and wrote histories of the Cleveland diocese.

Jeffrey Smith said...

"Retirement" wasn't something most people did, back then. It's another innovation of the 50's.