Tuesday, October 9, 2007

St. Andrew, Liberty Twp. Interior

This photo gives just an idea of the interior. There is a statue of St. Andrew holding his cross above the altar, but it doesn't show up well here. Also, the back altar has a relief of the Last Supper.


Mike Doughty said...

Thanks Kevin. I've always wanted to see the inside of St. Andrew's. Every time I've tried to stop there it was locked. The art work seems to be similar to both St. Patrick's Bascom, and what used to be at St. Mary's in Norwalk. Fr. Reynolds was pastor at St. Andrew's,Liberty at the same time he was pastor at Bascom. I would guess he had the same people paint St. Andrew's.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Is that some sort of canopy over the altar?

Kevin Hammer said...

I guess it's not big enough to be a canopy, it's sort of an extension of the platform holding the statue of St. Andrew. The light fixtures are located in it as well.