Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Parish Blogs

Alex Fries, the human whirlwind of the cyber-Toledo diocese, is at it again. Not only does he run three of the best parish websites I've seen ( St. Mary, Norwalk, St. Anthony, Milan, and St. Alphonsus, Peru ), but he's started a set of matching parish news and information blogs. ( For St. Mary's, St. Anthony's, and St. Alphonsus' ) Go have a look. St. Mary's is already in operation, and the other two are getting there.
I have to admit that the very thought of Alex turning into a blogger is enough to scare the wits out of me. This could get very interesting.
I'm not sure where he finds the time, in addition to playing the piano and composing rather good music and being a public menace. I just hope the parishes appreciate all this and spread the word that other parishes should stop living in the past and start turning their young people loose on this sort of project.

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Jay Anderson said...

Great job, Alex! I have the St. Mary blog listed in my blogroll.