Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yes, I noticed the bilge in the Blade where a troop of halfwits decided they know better than the Holy Father. No I didn't bother to read it. Yes, I also know those rebellious twits in Perrysburg are still showing what a monumentally bad job Fr. Leyland did of running the place, but I'm ignoring it. Too many people in Toledo seem to have delusions of grandeur. However, I happen to be about one step away from a heart attack and, since I never suffered fools gladly, I've decided to not suffer them at all, for the duration.


Jeffrey Smith said...

That wouldn't surprise me, at all. A few loudmouthed malcontents yapping to a reporter is all it takes.
Wish him well as Vocations Director. I've heard good things about him and, after the bishop, that's the most important job in the diocese.

Jeffrey Smith said...

That's a good sign, but if Leyland had an ounce of commitment to the Church, he'd be making a public statement, in the press, telling everyone to cut this nonsense out. Whether he wants to admit it or not he's the inspiration for this anonymous smear campaign against the bishop. No good priest would tolerate that.