Monday, November 17, 2008

School Days

St. Patrick's School, Bascom (at the old site, across from the cemetery). The priest is Fr. Louis Mayle, which puts the date at approximately 1911 -1913.

St. Andrew's School, Liberty Township. (Not sure of date, but before 1929 since the church does not have an addition.) Photos are from the Bascom Sesquicentennial History.


Kevin Hammer said...

I was trying to figure that out too. After looking at old pictures of the church, and then the picture you took of what remains of the school, I think it is the school.

musicaltheater said...

Any chance there were names for the students in the St. Patrick's picture? My great grandfather and some of his siblings are probably in this picture.

Kevin Hammer said...

Names are now added below the St. Patrick photo. (I knew I should've done that earlier...)