Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fr. Lawrence Mossing

With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a good time to express gratitude for the work of Fr. Lawrence Mossing (1913-2001). If you read this blog, you may have seen a few mentions of Mossing’s Diocesan History. There are nine volumes – one is a historical overview, three volumes deal with specific geographic areas and parishes, and five volumes detail the lives of bishops Schrembs, Stritch, Alter, Rehring, and Donovan. These books provide a great reference tool for each parish. They are out of print, so if you see one for sale, you might want to latch on to it.
He also wrote a doctoral thesis, “A Historical Study of the Sanguinists and the Early Catholicity of Northwestern Ohio from 1844 to 1870.” (Precious Blood Order)

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