Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daniel J. Murphy, Funeral Director

From “A History of Catholicity in Northern Ohio…” Vol. 2 by Michael Carr

“As a funeral director and practical embalmer Mr. Daniel J. Murphy, of St. Patrick's parish, Toledo, has few superiors in his profession. …
[He] is master of the ritual of the Catholic Church touching burials, and has arranged a neat booklet of the psalms, chants, and hymns in the vernacular for the use of Catholics on funeral occasions. The need for this has long been apparent, and the supplying of it has been keenly appreciated by the Catholic public. It has also been a source of satisfaction and profit to himself; for, irrespective of its reflex effect, it has inclined the public to regard Mr. Murphy as far in advance of others in his profession.”

Many more biographies and photos of bishops, priests and prominent Northern Ohio Catholics from late 1800s can be found at the link below (searchable, downloadable):

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