Friday, August 15, 2008

For What It's Worth

Here's MY INTERVIEW with the Toledo Free Press.


Alex Fries said...

how about that!! Boy that's something else. How abouts did they find you to conduct an interview?

Jeffrey Smith said...

E-mail. How else?

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey -

I assumed that your were a lifelong NW Ohio resident. If it is not too personal, what brought you to Toledo?

Although I love it. I notice that lately people are trying to leave this area.

Nice article.

Anonymous said...

Also, I hope that you are feeling better.

Clare Krishan said...

Congratulations! A gallant defense of Toledo's honor, very admirable indeed. We need more brave hearts like you willing to put themselves out there wearing their faith in such splendid fashion - not all flash, gaudy and outre, which can be so unattractive, but rather noble and genteel with the calm confidence instilled deep within by the abiding love of our Creator. Again, well done!

holler said...

Wonderful article, Jeffrey. Thank you for providing a boost for those of us who enjoy beautiful architecture in our churches.

Jeffrey Smith said...

I came to Toledo to visit a friend for a week, at a time when I was in the mood for change, and liked the place so much I stayed.
The ones who are ready to leave are a mixed bag. Far too many of them are living in a dream world, thinking that heavy industry jobs are out there, not realizing that Toledo is in as good a position in that department as anywhere. The days of heavy industry in this country are gone for good, so looking elsewhere won't help. Others are in a WSPD-induced la-la-land and think they're going to find a libertarian utopia at the end of a government-free rainbow. Fat chance.
Yes, it's extremely difficult to find a job in Toledo, but most of the country's in the same boat, or getting very close to it. Toledo's about as well prepared for the economic nightmare we're entering than a lot of other places I could name. Better than some, because our expectations aren't as high.

Irene said...

Sounds like you are here for the duration -- good! As you certainly can tell from my comments, I love your blogs and hope only that they continue.

Yes, there certainly is much that is beautiful in Toledo -- more so than in other Ohio cities. And it is fortunate that this is not better appreciated, because then the profit motive would ahead and ruin it all.

IMHO, Toledo's self-image problem stems from the way it was devastated by the Great Depression of 1929 -- arguably, it was the worst-hit city in the nation. Indeed, the city almost closed down -- unemployment at one time was 70%.

Unfortunately, the ruling elite of the community repeatedly responded by trying to bring back the "good old days" of heavy (automotive) industry -- the days when the glorious Old West End was built. As you noted, that was/is a doomed quest.

You might want to look up the exhibit "Toledo Tomorrow" which was co-sponsored by the Blade back in 1945 (the name "Geddes" played a starring role in it). (It would be interesting to find out if any of the exhibit survives anywhere.) This included the first of many doomed attempts to revive "downtown" Toledo = Camelot. Of course, you have documented some of the results quite well (there could be another separate blog).

Enough rambling. Just keep up your good work.

Jeffrey Smith said...

I believe the designer's name was Norman Geddes. I've seen a few pictures, but nothing more. Reminds me of Albert Speer's plans for Berlin.