Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sorrowful Mother Shrine, Bellevue

The final photo shows the original statue at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine, the "Muttergottes." The statue was brought to the shrine from Europe in 1850, and was placed at the top of the main altar. A small staircase was built behind the altar so that pilgrims could walk up and touch the image. The statue was lost in the chapel fire of 1912.


Anonymous said...

Jeffery -

Architecturally speaking what do you think of this shrine? I love the main shrine which your pictures really capture. But some of the smaller ones . . . oh my.

In particular, there is one which is entirely contructed on glass blocks. I'm sad to say that it looks like half between a rocket ship and a shower stall from the outside. On a sunny day, there is a beautiful view from the inside.

Jeffrey Smith said...

The glass block one's one of my favorites. Some of them might not be what I'd choose if I were building it myself, but they're fun.