Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New "bells"

Here at St. Mary's we got our bell back in working order. New bolts, new hammer, and new motor. In addition to that, we have a new digital Carillon system from Chime Systems. It sounds beautiful! Just like the real thing! Anyway, i thought i would post some pictures on it, and of other interesting things i found in the belfry while i was wandering around.

In the coming days, Check out St. Mary's website (www.stmarynorwalk.org) and click on the bell for more pictures and information about it if you are interested. (Note, it's not up just yet)

Interesting...July 1920 was probably when the plaster was re-done.

Above and below is the original ceiling on the choir loft level of the church (in the staircase) Despite the water damage, you can still see original designs along the border of the ceiling.


Irene said...

Alex: when you are climbing over steeples and carillons, please be reminded that pigeon droppings are dangerous.

Alex Fries said...

i know. But there is good airflow up there. It's not that bad. I've been in every tower in Norwalk, so i think i've about seen it all....i think

benrr101 said...

This sounds similar to the chime system at The Sorrowful Mother Shrine. Not that I blame them... real bells are expensive, maintenance prone, and require a lot of space.

-Ben R.