Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Immaculate Conception, Old South End

As it was meant to be, in Edward Fallis' original design. The spires were never built.
As it was, before the fire of 1920.
As it was meant to be, in Joseph Huber's post-fire plan. Notice the statues over the doors.
And as it is, with the final reworking of the towers, by Willfred Holtzmann.


ShariYS said...

Why were the towers built differently? It's an intriguing point. I don't think it looks at all bad.

Jeffrey Smith said...

An affectation, you might say. A lot of European churches have two different towers ( Chartres, for example. ) because they were built at different times. The few American churches to do it just imitated the idea. Msgr. Sawkins was responsible for it.