Saturday, March 22, 2008

SS Peter & Paul, Old South End

These angels are good. There used to be a few more of the plaster variety lolling about, but they got rid of them. The gold, glass mosaic behind the crucifix is impressive.
The inlay is tan marble and glass mosaic.
Vintage 20's.
The base of the ambo was removed, and is now serving as a pedestal for the statue of Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos. Ordinarily, I'd pitch a fit about that, but in this case I'm not so sure. The sanctuary isn't really all that big and the base would have made it rather overwhelming.


A Simple Sinner said...

Dig that communion rail still intact!

Is it used?

Jeffrey Smith said...

The general tendency around here seems to have been just removing the center part and leaving the rest. Here they just took off the gates.

Anonymous said...

Look at that floor. So pretty. The whole sanctuary is gorgeous. What is the size of the parish (people)?

Jeffrey Smith said...

The floor's terrazzo, which was very popular in Toledo. You'll find it at Immaculate Conception, Good Shepherd, Sacred Heart, the chapel at St. V's, and parts of St. Patrick's.
SS Peter and Paul has about 1500 parishioners. The Spanish Masses help.

Irene said...

Thank God for one city center parish that remains alive and vibrant. I'm especially thankful because I was born there.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Actually, there's more life in Toledo's city parishes than you'd find in most cities.
St. Patrick, Sacred Heart, and St. Adalbert have around 1100 to 1200 each. St. Thomas Aquinas has 1800. Several parishes, including Immaculat Conception, Good Shepherd, St. Hedwig, St. Stephen, and St. Charles have between 750 and 1000 each, which isn't perfect, but stable. St. Joseph has just over 500, but attracts more for the Tridentine Masses.
St. Hyacinth has just under 400. The bad news is at St. Michael and St. Martin de Porres, with about 250 each. Apparently, the liturgical dance troup and the dinner theater seating arrangement hasn't helped.

Irene said...

Thank you Jeffrey, I had no idea some of those were prospering.

Are those membership figures persons, or families?

Jeffrey Smith said...

"Registered parishioners". None of them is beyond hope, as long as they keep working at it.