Monday, March 31, 2008

Monastery of the Visitation

I'll have several posts on this.


Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, I went to the webpage for the Monastery and there are some very small pictures posted there. I see my friend in two of them because she's VERY short. I get the feeling there are not too many sisters living there.

Thanks again.

Jeffrey Smith said...

The diocesan directory lists 16, plus two novices and three postulants, which really isn't bad, nowadays. Any sort of growth is a very good sign. The contemplative orders tend to be small, but very stable.

Anonymous said...

She is a postulant. This is her second "go round" to be a nun. She is in her 60's, and she didn't do well the first time around. But she's getting elderly, and has no family, so I think that's why she decided to go back. She's a sweet, outgoing woman and not the type to be cloistered. She is only allowed to write letters a couple of times a year, and her letters sound so sad. But I try to keep in touch with her as much as I can. No need to post this comment if you don't want to. I get chatty sometimes.