Tuesday, September 11, 2007

St. Paul, Norwalk

A closer look at the windows.
I'm sorry, people, but this is ridiculous. These would look nice in a harem and would probably be tolerable in a fully modern ( Read: hopelessly old-fashioned ) church. Tearing out the original windows of a 19th century church, to replace them with these, however, is vandalism, pure and simple.
Photos by Alex Fries.

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mlec91283 said...

All I can ask is, why? I can't believe the parishioners approved of this! They're hideous and of poor artistic quality - you can see the brush strokes! The parishioners should have put a stop to this - it's probable that their ancestors helped fund the purchase of the original windows, and ripping those out to replace them with this travesty is disrespectful to their ancestors and to the Church.