Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Lady of Luxembourg … and Consolation

Earlier this year, some individuals with the Luxembourg American Cultural Society organized a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Consolation Shrine in Carey, bringing along statues of Our Lady of Consolation from other parishes and shrines having roots in Luxembourg.
One of the organizers, Rick Roder, has written a booklet detailing the veneration of Our Lady of Luxembourg throughout the United States. The booklet provides photos and history for nearly 20 images, located in Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota and Ohio.
An interesting note: not all images of Our Lady of Consolation have a Luxembourg connection. For example, here is one from Britain:
Roder writes that the Luxembourg images are usually distinguished by a heart and key hanging from Mary’s arm. The heart demonstrates the love of the Luxembourg people for Mary, and the key is to enter the fortress city of Luxembourg. The Luxembourg devotion was initiated by Jesuit Fr. Jacques Brocquart in 1603, after he recovered from the plague while asking for Mary’s intercession.
“Veneration of Our Lady of Luxembourg in the United States” is available for $20 (plus $2 shipping) from Rick Roder, PO Box 2, Remsen IA 51050

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