Monday, April 30, 2007

Victoria - Requiem - Sanctus - Tallis Scholars

More posts tomorrow. My life has taken a turn for the weird.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with Tallis, but while we were driving around Toledo last Friday we noticed and old rotting relic on the east side of Canton Ave. No ID, but it looked like it could have been Catholic. It's not in my oldest list of Catholic churches (1948). Do you know anything about it?

-- Ireneus

Kevin Hammer said...

I think this is the church you are referring to (in better times).

Photo caption says:
Ebenezer Baptist Church
First German Reformed Church
Anshai Stard Congregation

Afries52 said...

is this the church you're talking about??


Ireneus said...

Thanks kevin and afries 52 - both right, and obviously never Catholic.

-- Ireneus

Afries52 said...

awful nice building to just be sitting there...possibly empty.

Not a problem Ireneus!