Tuesday, December 4, 2007

St. Peter, Norwalk (updated)

The cemetery was located directly behind the church. The Shrine of the sorrowful mother (owned by St. Paul's) is in the old St. Peter's place currently. The school and the house, as far as i know, do not exist any longer, but correct me if i'm wrong.

since the question was posed. I figured i should put the other two pictures i have up.
Above is the first St. Peter's, and where the shrine is today.

The below is the "new" St. Peter's. This would have been just a block or so away from St. Mary's Current church (though it wasn't built yet. I do not know if this was north or south Hester, because that would change some things.

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Alex Fries said...

that's a good question.

St. Peter's eventually split. (old St. Peters, then the defects made a new st. peter's on their own.) eventually the new one died out and the old one moved to St. Pauls. St. Pauls was the Germans. Originally, The Irish and the Germans went to St. Peters. Soon the Irish went and made St. Mary's cause they were tired of having separate masses in English and in German, among other issues.

St. Pete's was owned by St. Pauls and was torn down. The shrine was built in its place i believe in the 1930's, but i bet Mike knows more about that than i do.