Saturday, December 1, 2007

St. Francis de Sales

The first church. This picture shows the two doors on the front. This was a common feature of Protestant churches of the early 19th century, where women and men sat on opposite sides of the building. The building was used by several Protestant congregations before St. Francis de Sales parish bought it.


Michael Linnenkugel said...

What was the location of this church? Does anyone know?

Kevin Hammer said...

According to Fr. Mossing's history of the diocese, it was a Presbyterian frame meeting house located on Superior Street, purchased for St. Francis de Sales in Nov. 1842. It was enlarged in 1849, in use as a church until the current one opened in 1870. Then it was used as the school, until 1942 when St. Francis school merged w/ St. Joseph. It was then torn down -- from photos in that book, it looks like it was right behind the current church.