Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Immaculate Conception Chapel, St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

I'll be getting more pictures soon, but here's a preview from a 1955 diocesan yearbook. It shows the chapel from about halfway down the nave. I'm convinced the green marble in those columns is the most beautiful stone in Toledo. The windows in the nave are of a silver-grey color that breaks every rule in the book, but works spectacularly. Never saw stained glass that color before. There are blue windows in the sanctuary. You can't see them from this angle, though. The original altar was moved out front for use in the Novus Ordo Mass, and a smaller one was made to hold the tabernacle.
The exterior of the chapel, with its tile roof, can be seen at the right. This will give some idea how big it is. I don't think it could be seen this easily now, since it's been surrounded by expansion projects.


ShariYS said...

??! ... I never even knew it was there! Some day when I have time (might not be til I can get a vacation day next spring!), I'm going to have to go there and just take a look at that ...

Jeffrey, glad you're home!

ShariYS said...

That's not a chapel; that's a whole church!