Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Cathedral

Believe it or not, this was the original design, drawn up in 1912. The poor overworked architects revised it twenty times, a process that lasted fifteen years, even after construction had started. It looked more Italian than Spanish, at this point.


Alex Fries said...

money problems?

Jeffrey Smith said...

Yes and no. The tower wasn't built because of the depression, but with the rest, they actually made it rather more expensive. There was at least one complete change of architectural style and a lot of fiddling with the details. The final design kept sculptors employed for years.
The school, at the left, is still there, but the bishop's house, at the right, is now at the back of the property.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey - I seem to remember my mom telling me about how the large circular stained glass window was paid for by donations from catholic school children. Do you have any other information?

Jeffrey Smith said...

Pennies added up a lot faster then. The McKinley monument at the courthouse was paid for the same way.
To show the difference, when I was a child, we had "five and ten cent stores". Now we have "dollar stores."