Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beginings of St. Alphonsus

First off, i seem to have misplaced my photos of the Carabins and their house...so that'll have to come another day.

This was the first church. ("the old church" says the caption for you German-illiterates :) ) Anyway, it was located not too far from the present day church. Once i find my resources i've lost, i can give you the exacts. The drawing above does a bad job of giving scale to it. Though indeed it was not very large.

The first school (the old school house)

This is the Second (and current) church. This design however is very different. It is how it originally looked after completion. In 1890, Father Michael DeChant wished to remodel the church in order to complete the Gothic Theme. The roof was removed, the north wall (the sanctuary basically) was torn down, and twenty feet was added to make way for new sacristies and sanctuary space. The roof and vaulted Gothic ceiling (the stalactites you see today) were the final works in the renovation. Total: $10,124.00

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