Friday, April 15, 2016

Cathedral's Cleveland Cousin

A color postcard of the former St. Agnes church in Cleveland, which shared with Toledo's Rosary Cathedral the architectural designs of John T. Comes and artwork of Felix Lieftuchter.  The church was torn down in 1975 after a devastating fire.

Another view of the interior HERE.


Unknown said...

The bell tower of Cleveland St. Agnes still stands today.
St. Agnes merged with nearby Our Lady of Fatima to become St. Agnes-Our Lady of Fatima Church.

Tim Barrett said...

There may have been a fire, but it was not the central cause of the loss of the Church of St. Agnes in late 1975.   Unfortunately, this church was part of a planned and announced demolition of 3 Catholic churches originally built by Irish congregations on the east side of Cleveland (St Edwards on Woodland Ave., St. Thomas Aquinas on Superior Ave. and St. Agnes on Euclid Ave.).  In fact, I and a friend, Mark Pokrandt, explored the entire structure including going up into the bell chamber of the tower that remains standing today. That was only a matter of a few weeks before the announced plan of its demise. In any case, a devastating fire would have been a more merciful ending to such a noteworthy and grand sacred edifice in contrast to what ultimately happened to it.  

Kevin Hammer said...

I looked up photos of St. Thomas Aquinas church in Cleveland. It is very similar to Toledo's Good Shepherd church (still standing, but closed.)