Friday, February 21, 2014

St. Aloysius, Bowling Green

Top photo, an angel in the mural is visible through the scaffolding.  EverGreene Architectural Arts is working on the mural restoration.  Thanks to Allan Dieball for sharing the photos.


Unknown said...

This is absolutely wonderful news. Looking at the black and white photos of the murals in their former glory always made me wonder what motivated people to cover up such beauty and artistry. Was it the post-conciliar spirit? Or was it simply maintenance?

The murals at St. Paul Church in Hamler bear a great resemblance. I wonder if Felix Lieftuchter was also the artist there.

Kevin Hammer said...

Regarding the Hamler church -- in the Diocesan history by Fr. Mossing, he writes that a set of father / son artists from Germany named "Lammers" did the painting. I'm assuming this refers to Gerhard Lamers, mentioned here:
Also, ti seems that both Lieftuchter and Lamers worked on St. Joseph cathedral in Wheeling, WV.
They do have similar styles.