Thursday, July 11, 2013

Name That Saint! [Updated!]

I could have sworn I made a post about this years ago, but I could not come across it. So, here I am "posting again". The following pictures are details of the Nave windows at St. Mary's in Norwalk. Each window has two saints. None of them have labels. A few are obvious, but I have never been able to I.D. all of them, nor has anyone else I know.

Leave a comment if you know any of them! Click on the picture for a larger image.

[UPDATE: I've put some names in. If they do not have ??'s then they are for certain that saint. The ones with ??'s are probably's, and the rest are still unknown.]

P.S. - I intend to post an update on St. James in Chicago soon. Demolition has started, but is going slowly.

Saint #1
(??Catherine of Siena??)
Saint #2
Saint #3
Saint #4
(St. Patrick)

Saint #5
(??St. Anthony??)

Saint #6
(St. Dominic)

Saint #7
(St. Helena)

Saint #8
(??St. Paul??)

Saint #9

Saint #10

Saint #11
(??St. Joseph??)

Saint #12
(??Mary With
Baby Jesus??)

Saint #13
(??St. Francis of Assisi??)

Saint #14
(??John the Baptist??)

Saint #15
the Apostle??)
Saint #16

1 comment:

Pro Ecclesia said...

The ones I know right off the bat:

#4 St. Patrick
#7 St. Helena

I could probably guess at some of the other ones, but I'll leave those for other people to give their input.