Friday, September 9, 2011

Update and Pictures on the Way

If you've noticed that I haven't blogged in the past month, it's because I've been about a hundred times busier than usual. For about a year, now, I've been working with a design and web development firm in Oregon ( State, not town. ), and the suggestion was made that it would be worthwhile to move out here. Let's face facts. At my age, ignoring a suggestion like that would be foolhardy.
After a month of looking about, spending long days at the office, seeing the Pacific for the first time ( Only an hour away. ), and eating substantial amounts of locally produced, and extremely good, food, I think I made the right decision. An unexpected plus was the fact that the cooler, less humid summer, here, is doing wonders for my arthritis. Not sure yet, if that will continue in the dark, wet winters, but since the temperature in the town where I live rarely goes much below freezing and the average monthly snowfall is about what Toledo can get in a day, I suspect it'll be worth it.
I'm not going to disappear, since I have a year's supply of pictures to post, and will be buying more postcards of Northwest Ohio churches and getting photographs sent to me by e-mail. Meanwhile, Kevin's doing an excellent job of keeping things going here.
You can expect some pictures this weekend.
BTW, the picture is Cape Perpetua, named by Captain Cook, when he found it on St. Perpetua's Day, in 1778. Under that layer of fog is the Pacific.

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Kevin Hammer said...

We always did need someone on the western edge of the diocese, ha.