Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Quick Dip in Lake Erie, 1845

Pioneer priest Fr. Joseph Machebeuf takes the shortcut from Sandusky to Toledo:

I had the pleasure of seeing the Rev. Mr. De Goesbriand on his way to Toledo, and as the ice was good on the bay and along the lake shore, we went to "give church" at the Canadian settlement on the Toussaint river, and then proceeded to Toledo, all the way on the ice. But I must say in passing that we enjoyed somewhat of the comfort our friends, the Baptists, must feel when, in the heart of winter, they are "dipped," for owing to a little forgetfulness of the track by our guide, we broke in, about fifteen miles from Toledo. Fortunately, the water at that spot was not more than five feet deep, and had it not been that the vestments and books of my reverend friend were injured by the water, everything would have turned out in fun. We made land as soon as we could, and having built a fire on the edge of the lake we dried our clothes and continued our route to Toledo. Upon arriving there our mutual and good friend, Father Rappe, made us forget our little mishap with warm refreshments before a warm fire.

From "The Life of the Right Reverend Joseph P. Machebeuf, D.D.: pioneer priest of Ohio, pioneer priest of New Mexico, pioneer priest of Colorado, vicar apostolic of Colorado and Utah, and first bishop of Denver," by William J. Howlett, 1908. Full text available at Google Books HERE.

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