Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bit of a Surprise

I just noticed, by pure accident, a WEBSITE, of sorts, for St. Thomas Aquinas and Good Shepherd parishes. Unfortunately, it's not easily recognized since it's more concerned with this "Emmaus Community" nonsense.
Wake up out there, people. Anyone who googles you is almost inevitably going to be looking for either "St. Thomas Aquinas parish" or "Good Shepherd parish". Most people have heard of at least one of those, but I'd wager 99% of the population of Toledo wouldn't have the vaguest idea what the "Emmaus Community" would be. It may have seemed like a catchy name way back when, but it just sounds a bit ridiculous today.


Hooda Thunkit said...


What a clever way to prove that the Internet is a waste of time for parishes to spend time cultivating a presence on.

Great idea, using an obscure/dated name to hide your efforts.

Why (for God's sake) would anyone even think of naming their website..., after the name(s) of their parish(es).

(Note: Heavy sarcasm throughout, not that it will change anything.)

Jeffrey Smith said...

Can't agree with that first point, though a good parish website is hard to find. They all need them though.
"Emmaus Community" makes it sound like some little amen, hallelujah, Evangelical band of bozos. Of course, I'm inclined to think that's what the bozo who came up with it intended.

Hooda Thunkit said...


The whole post was a sarcastic comment on the subject, therefore I think that applies.

Some people just have their own ideas about a name and never consider the obvious, using the parishes name rather than something obtuse/obscure...

(The Sarcasm BTW, was totally directed at them, if you were wondering)