Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fr. Joseph Gloden

Fr. Gloden, a native of Luxembourg, arranged for the statue of Our Lady of Consolation to be brought to the church in Carey in 1875. He served other parishes as well, including St. John’s in Defiance, Frenchtown St. Nicholas and Fostoria St. Wendelin.

“Not alone on account of his venerable personal appearance, which is heightened by his flowing white beard, is he, in kindly jest, referred to by his brother priests as the "Patriarch of the Diocese," but also, and indeed in real earnest, by the laity also, because of his manner and quiet, thoughtful bearing. He is more inclined to gentleness than to anything approaching the harsh or severe, and is noted in consequence as possessing the qualities of a true spiritual father.” - 1903

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