Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DeCurtins Family, Architects and More

Since we’ve had photos of St. John’s in Lima and St. Joseph in Paulding, here are some details about the architect, Andrew DeCurtins, and his family

According to a Lima News article about the dedication of St. John’s, construction of the church started in July 1922, under the direct supervision of Andrew DeCurtins, architect and member of the congregation.

Andrew’s father, Anton DeCurtins, came from Canton Graubunden, Switzerland, about 1849 to Cincinnati where he was engaged as an architect and organ builder. His wife, Mary Kemper, and their children later settled at Carthagena. The DeCurtins are a significant family because their architectural and decorating talents are still displayed in numerous Catholic churches and ecclesiastical structures all over Ohio but particularly in Mercer County (“Land of Cross-tipped Churches”). For over 90 years they built and decorated Catholic churches. Anton, the father; John Rudolph and Andrew, the sons; and Fred, the grandson, were architects. Agnes, Tony and Frank were church painters and interior woodworkers. The family also built pews and organs.

Source: "Mercer County Ohio History, 1978”
(Priest in photo is Fr. Leonard Plumanns, pastor of St. John's.)

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