Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tornado at Raab's Corners, 1920

From the March 31, 1920 Sandusky Star-Journal:

This picture shows the ruins of Immaculate Conception Catholic church at Raab's Corners, northeast of Swanton, and about two miles from the home of the mother of T. H. Dilgart, Sandusky merchant, who was at his mother's home when the cyclone struck Sunday evening.

It shows the main altar standing. Several light pieces of statuary also were not disturbed by the wind. The church was of brick, and the damage is estimated at $60,000 by the pastor, the Rev. Charles Renck. Damage to the parish house, nearby, is estimated at $6,000, while the parochial school loss is $8,000. Four sisters of the Notre Dame order narrowly escaped injury or death, and are now .sheltered at the home of a farmer nearby.

“I suppose it would remind one of the ruins of Rheims or some cathedral in the war-stricken district in France,” said Mr. Dilgart, who viewed the wrecked church. “The church was about the size of St. Peter and Paul’s church in Sandusky. Its destruction gives some idea of the great force of the cyclone.”

(The area was later known as Marygrove, and is now part of Holy Trinity parish, Assumption.)

More pictures at Toledo / Lucas County Library site:



ShariYS said...

OMG ... that main altar appeared to be virtually untouched ... the wierd acts of tornadoes ...

Hope everyone's okay in light of all the wild and crazy weather we've been having over the past couple of weeks.

Jeffrey Smith said...

I've been through Hurricane Agnes, the Johnstown Flood of 1977, and two earthquakes. No big deal to me.