Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bishop Hoffman with John Paul II

February 8th marked the fifth anniversary of Bishop Hoffman's death.

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A Simple Sinner said...

Prayers for the repose of the good bishop's soul.

I was not generally a fan of the direction taken during his tenure, but I found him to be a good and decent man.

During some odd assignments that I had in the work I was doing in the 1990s, I happened to be invited into the bishop's residence after Mass at the Cathedral during the weekdays on several occasions. On more than one occasion I noticed His Grace in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in the house chapel.

I am a man of no importance or significance, so I assure all that no one can say "that was done as show for your benifit." I sincerely doubt he even noticed I was there - my business was with +Donnely.

He was a generous and affable soul. I personally believe that got taken advantadge of, as is so often the case with kind hearted people.

May the Lord grant him eternal rest.