Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Up to Date" is now Old Fashioned

And, as always in the Church, old is new.
Father Daren Zehnle, at Servant and Steward, has a good post on the subject of wearing copes. You don't see them very often these days, except on the Holy Father and on young priests who don't like the old-fashioned burlap vestments left over from thirty years ago. Good for them! Not many people do. In spite of the old line that people just don't like beautiful vestments, the reaction when a priest wears one tends to be favorable. In the good Father's words:

"Not once has someone told me they didn't like the cope. The contrary, though, is quite true. People like liturgical vesture and they have a right to see and enjoy it. It is part of the Roman Liturgy after all. Such vesture is beautiful and all things of true beauty lead to God, who is Beauty itself."

Have a look at the post. It's very good.

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